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My beautiful Nicky-love him most of all<3

My beloved Monster. May he rest in peace :'( Photobucket

-I love watching Sci Fi/fantasty (Doctor Who, Torchwood, LOST& all Joss Whedon&more). -I love Animals.
-I find Black&white and vivid colors cool.
-I adore art, nature & home& building decor.
-I love Gymnastics, Cheer, figure skating and Ohio State.
-I adore dance. I'm crazy about Ballet and most things SYTYCD.
-I love Music. Especially Britney Spears, Mumford and Sons & Simon & Garfunkel
-I love Carly Rose Sonenclar and some other X factor USA contestants.
-I rebog some politics and health post.
-I love reading, writing, poetry & books in general. Oh & shoes!

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John Barrowman singing about tiny ponies


This wasn’t all over my dash so I’m here to fix that 



Christ on a bike, I can’t believe people are getting all up in arms about Peter Capaldi’s “no flirting” policy. You are aware that actors, good actors at least, aren’t just hired to spit lines and stand on marks? You all celebrated a veteran actor being cast, with the hopes that he’ll shake..


The Bells of Saint John - Prequel


Dr who anyone?

I want one!!!


This is the licensed game which you can now register for here.


Britney Spears is the perfumer that keeps on giving

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"The Intimate Britney Spears" promotional photo [HQ]

I love the tag logo. So cute. The bra&pantie ensemble is something I want to own as well. So pretty <3


July 24. Britney gets a drink from Starbucks.

More pics at X17online:

24, July. Britney Spears Grabs Starbucks With Bodyguard, Los Angeles.


I will always love britneyspears! I can’t wait to see her in concert this year ❤️

Britney and David. I love her hair all short <3 Lucy and David ;)