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My beautiful Nicky-love him most of all<3

My beloved Monster. May he rest in peace :'( Photobucket

-I love watching Sci Fi/fantasty (Doctor Who, Torchwood, LOST& all Joss Whedon&more). -I love Animals.
-I find Black&white and vivid colors cool.
-I adore art, nature & home& building decor.
-I love Gymnastics, Cheer, figure skating and Ohio State.
-I adore dance. I'm crazy about Ballet and most things SYTYCD.
-I love Music. Especially Britney Spears, Mumford and Sons & Simon & Garfunkel
-I love Carly Rose Sonenclar and some other X factor USA contestants.
-I rebog some politics and health post.
-I love reading, writing, poetry & books in general. Oh & shoes!

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NEW BRITNEY PIC! #IntimateBritneySpears


Black or white

To be fair, by May they had the diamond nude costume gorgeous. I think it would be cool to have the May Diamond nude back for the opener and the Black version can be used to close the show. And A red Devil Version can be used for the Baby/Oops ;) Marco Marco can just make this as simple as possible for himself :p 


Onyx Hotel Tour (2004)
Piece Of Me: Las Vegas Residency (2014)

britneyspears : Looove the new opening outfit. This weekend was so fun, thank y’all for always making me feel so loved!

Spotted at Britney Spears on Friday at #TheAxis were Miss USA Nia Sanchez and Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf!

Britney in red tones.

Britney yellow tones

url inspired grahpics: amywilliems


Matou en Peluche on Etsy




Britney: Piece of Me 16.08.2014.


Cate Parr on Etsy


We freed them…but at what cost?

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